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The Meanings of Flowers

Thursday, March 3 | Flower Facts, Cut Flowers

An Anemome means Sincerity
A Carnation means Joy
A Crocus means Gladness
A Daffodil means Respect
A Daisy means Innocence
A Fern means Grace
A Freesia means Trust
Heather means Admiration
Huckleberry means Faith
An Iris means Promise
A Lilac means Beauty
A Lily means Devotion
A Mum means Hope
An Orchid means Thoughtfulness
A Pansy means Merriment
A Peony means Compassion
A Red Rose means Passion
A Rose means Love
Snapdragons mean Strength
A Solidago means Success
A Sunflower means Pride
A Tiger Lily means Prosperity
A Tulip means Luck
A Violet means Virtue
Wintergreens mean Harmony
Wisteria means Welcome
A Yellow Lily means Gratitude