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Poisonous Plants

Friday, March 4 | House Plants

This listing of toxic and non-toxic plants contains the most popular plants found in homes. However, if you have a situation where a child has consumed a plant you are un-familiar with or is not listed here, call your local poison control center, police, or hospital immediately. It is important to know what you have in and around your house if you have young children. If you are unsure of a plant, take a sample to your local garden center or greenhouse for identification.

Toxic Plants

These plants contain a wide variety of poisons and symptoms may vary from a mild stomach ache, skin rash, swelling of the mouth and throat to involvement of the heart, kidneys, or other organs.

Acorn Creeping Charlie Hydrangea Mescal (Peyote) Pokeweed
Anemone Crocus, Autumn Iris Mistletoe Potato Sprouts
Angel Trumpet Daffodil Ivy, Boston Moonseed Primrose
Apple Seeds Daphne Jack in the Pulpit Monkshood Ranunculus
Apricot Pit Delphinium Jequirity Bean/Pea Morning Glory Rhododendron
Arrowhead Devil's Ivy (Pothos) Jerusalem Cherry Mushroom Rhubarb (Leaf)
Avacado Leaves Dieffenbachia Jasmine Narcissus Rosary Pea
Azaleas Elderberry Jimson Weed Nephthytis Star of Bethleham
Betel Nut Palm Elephant Ear Jonquil Nightshade Sweet Pea
Bittersweet English Ivy Lantana Camara Oleander Tobacco
Buckeye Four O'clock Larkspur Peach Seeds Tomato - Vines
Buttercups Foxglove Laurels Periwinkle Tulip
Caladium Hemlock, poison Lily of the Valley Philodendron Water Hemlock
Calla Lily Holly Berries Lobelia Poison Ivy Wisteria
Castor Bean Horsetail Reed Marijuana Poison Oak Yew
Chinese Lantern Hyacinth (bulbs) Mayapple Poppy  

Non-Toxic Plants

These plants are considered essentially non-toxic (safe, not poisonous). Symptoms from eating these plants are unlikely.

Abelia Black Olive Dandelion Impatiens Sanseveria
Absynnian Sword Lily Blood Leaf Plant Dogwood Jade Plant Scheffelera
African Palm Boston Fern Donkey Tail Kalanchoe Sensitive Plant
African Violet Bouganvilla Dracaena Lilac Spider Plant
Airplane Plant Cactus Easter Lily Lily (Day, Easter or Tiger) Swedish Ivy
Aluminum Plant California Holly Echevaria Lipstick Plant Umbrella Plant
Aralia California Poppy Eucalyptus Magnolia Violets
Arucaria Camelia Eugenia Marigold Wandering Jew
Asparagus Fern Christmas Cactus Flowering Crab Monkey Plant Weeping Fig
Aspidistra Coleus Gardenia Norfolk Pine Weeping Willow
Aster Corn Plant Gloxinia Peperomia Wild Onion
Baby's Tears Crab Apples Grape Ivy Petunia Zebra Plant
Batchelor Buttons Creeping Jenny Hedge Apple Prayer Plant  
Bamboo Croton Hen & Chicks Purple Passion  
Begonia Dahlia Honeysuckle Pyrocantha  
Bird's Nest Fern Daisies Hoya Rose